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HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Grooving Machine
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    HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Grooving Machine
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    2021-06-05 09:46:50
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  • Hongming machinery mainly produce Automatic rigid box machine, rigid box maker, rigid box line, glueing machine, box wrapping machine, box maker, ect. These machines are widely used to making rigid box, fancy box, custom box, cell phone boxes, chocolate boxes, etc.
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HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Grooving Machine This machine feeds the greyboard automatically and grooves the greyboard on a plate, thus it causes no curve or wrinkle on the greyboard and guarantees the output qulity.

Technical parameters



Note: Standard device 90&120", Other angles can be customised.

Extra compressor needed ≥0.75kW.

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