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Rotary die cutting machine history

    Rotary die cutting machine is designed and developed in recent years. The biggest advantage is efficient. The biggest drawback is the high costs of plate NA varieties.

     Many carton plant nearly two years of this rotary is good enough, easy to use customer feedback. High precision, but rather than the old-fashioned cutting machine equipment prices only a little more expensive.

     Rotary die cutting machine version of the platform and press cutting agencies working parts are both cylindrical, work, feed roller to the molded plate cylinder of cardboard between the rollers and the pressure from both its clip living on the roller die cutting, die cutting plate cylinder rotation is a

Working cycle.

     Because rotary die cutting machine work continuously rotating drum, and thus its production efficiency is the highest in all kinds of die-cutting machine. But to die-bent curved plate is too much trouble, the cost is relatively high, there is a certain degree of technical difficulty. So, rotary die cutting machine often

For high volume production.

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